If you want something more than just a video, you've come to the right place. My goal for each couple is to create a film that looks, sounds and feels like a movie. My films are light hearted and purposefully curated to tell your love story.

The Experience

For couples who aren't afraid to break the mold

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What to expect
What To Expect
What to expect
What to expect

My Signature Process

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First things first, I want to hear all about when your wedding is, where it is, and a little bit about the two of you! I have a short form that you guys can fill out (shouldn't take more than 5 minutes) and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! 

step 01 - Inquire

step 02 - Consultation

Once you fill out that short form, you’ll get an email from me that has some more information about my process, my philosophy behind wedding filmmaking, and a look into the different tiers of packages that I offer! This is just to give you a deeper dive into what it will look like to work with me! Once you review everything, you can schedule a call with me so we can get to know each other a little better! 

step 03 - Custom Packages

I take what I learn from our chat, and I create three custom packages tailored to your wedding film wants and wishes! Every couples is different and every wedding day / weekend is unique, and I want to create a package that has your best interests at heart! Once I send over your packages, we will talk all about it and I can answer any questions on our next call! 

step 04 - TIME TO BOOK!

Sometimes it takes more than one call to get to this point (totally okay), but next in the process would be officially booking me for your special day (YAY)! You'll get a proposal that includes your package details, contract, and payment plan. Once booked, I'll send you my comprehensive booking guide to help aid you with all the planning that goes into a wedding day. 

step 05 - Planning stage

Generally couples book me 6 to 18 months prior to their wedding day so that leaves tons of time in the middle. I am not going to leave you guys high and dry and never speak to you till the day of. I actually want to do the opposite ! I typically do a 6 month and 2 week call prior to your wedding day (as well as send helpful emails here and there). This ensures that we are on the same page and that we get a chance to actually become friends before the big day! 

step 06 - THE BIG DAY

Before you know it, your big day will be here! By this point, it's your job to simply be present and enjoy the day. You can count on me to do everything I can to make sure the day goes smoothly, and that I'll capture your love perfectly! I have been apart of tons of wedding days from all sorts of cultures and have seen and worked through most anything and everything you can think of! So, I promise you're in good hands! 

step 07 - Touch Base

If you get a teaser film, you'll have that a few days after your wedding, but if not, I'll chat with you guys a few weeks after the wedding day so that we can talk about how it went! Maybe a lantern almost caught a tree on fire (happened at my wedding LOL) or maybe the ceremony was just the most incredible thing ever! Whatever it is, its a time for you guys to reflect, and to help me decide what has to be in your film and what you'd like to not be in there!  

step 08 - Wedding Film Delivery

One of my favorites parts is sending you your wedding film(s)! Grab a glass of champaign, turn the lights down, the volume up, and get ready to relive the best day! If you got multiple films, they will all be uploaded to the same custom made wedding website just for you guys, and you can share that link with all of your family and friends so that they can celebrate with you guys! Then, as the years go on, those films will become more and more valuable to the both of you. 

Want something different than a standard cookie cutter wedding film

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love emotional and purposeful films that tell your unique love story

are looking for a videographer that will guide you from start to finish 



Wedding Film

tell your love story with a

I truly love what I do, and I believe that every couple (no matter the videographer) should get a wedding film. These films are capturing such a sweet season in your life and your relationship. Just imagine being able to go back and watch your grandparents wedding film and how cool that would be. You'd get to feel the emotions, hear their story, see their personalities, and live the day as if it was happening today. I keep this in mind when creating my films, and I put as much care and devotion into your film as I did on my own.  

Average investment is 4k to 6k.
Financing and investment plan options available. 

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Feature film

Your collection includes...

two Storytellers

Custom Wedding Website


Professional Audio Capture

COMPREHENSIVE booking guide

3-4 Month Package Delivery

"Jaret is one of the best! He is knowledgeable, helpful and talented in every aspect of the wedding process from first meetings and final edits. I absolutely loved my wedding video and still cry every time I watch it. He perfectly captured our wedding day. He is amazing at what he does. I recommend him to anyone that I know in need of a videographer!""


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"Jaret and his team exceeded
all of my expectations for my wedding day! They made the experience fun but were also very professional. He gave us a video from our day that captured all the best moments with great quality!! I would definitely recommend his business for anyone getting married or who has a need for a videographer."


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"Jaret and his assistant
filmed my June wedding last year and my husband and I are so happy with the results!! The gentlemen were kind enough to greet me as I was getting ready and made sure to get the specific shots we wanted in our wedding video. It was a pleasure working with Jaret!"


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"If you need a wedding videographer that cares for you as people, works effortlessly with other vendors, and delivers an insanely beautiful product, then Jaret is a no brainier!! I'm a wedding photographer in the industry and I always love working with Jaret. He is so good at what he does and I truly wish I would have known about him when I got married 3 years ago, I would have booked him in a heart beat!"

- Toni Angelina Photography

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